Teacher profiles

Maria was born and educated in California, USA. Her experience growing up in a multicultural and multi-linguistic environment led her to pursue a career in Sociology studies. A summer semester of travel and language studies in Milan, Italy, turned her interests to the broader realm of International Relations and eventually led to a long term stay in Europe. In 2008 she Franklin University in Lugano, with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Always interested in being active in a multicultural environment, Maria first started working at the Club in 2010 as an assistant teacher in playgroup. After gaining some experience in an international NGO she decided to go back to teaching and trained with Flying Teachers to become a CELTA certified English teacher in 2014. She rejoined the Fun-tastic team in the summer of 2014 and has been teaching our native speakers’ classes since then. In the last year, Maria has taken on a more managerial role and she welcomes the new challenge.

Susan is originally from Ireland and came to live in Switzerland in October 2019. Previously, she lived in The Netherlands and had a shorter stay in Edinburgh, Scotland. Susan completed her CELTA at the British Council, The Hague and a MA in English Language and Literature at Leiden University. In The Netherlands Susan worked in bi-lingual education and taught teenagers aged 11-18. In Edinburgh, she taught English to foreign students. Susan enjoys teaching English to all age groups and joined Fun-tastic English Club Horgen in 2020.

Fiona Anderegg-Grime was born and grew up in northwest England. She worked as an English assistant in a Lycée in Alsace, France and studied in Pamplona, Spain before gaining a BA (Hons) in European Languages and Institutions from Leeds Polytechnic. After graduating, she took part in an EU exchange to Turin, Italy and then worked for a major UK tour operator until she married and moved to Lucerne, Switzerland in 1998. At first she worked for a Swiss tour operator in Zürich while studying German at the DOZ in Zürich. In 2003 she gained CELTA certification at the Volkschule in Zürich. She has since attended many language teaching classes and seminars at the SAL in Zürich and is a member of ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland). She combines her love of language and working with children, with translation. Fiona has lived in Hirzel with her husband and three daughters since 2004.

Ellen Cina was born in Ohio, USA. She earned her bachelors in English literature and writing as well as a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ellen’s passion for multicultural communities began during her study abroad Semester in Rome, Italy at the John Felice Rome Center through Loyola of Chicago. Here she began to tutor English language learners. After returning to Ohio, she worked with the International Comboni Missionaries while completing her degree. Ellen moved to Switzerland in the summer of 2020 and joined the club during the spring semester of 2021 as an assistant teacher. She is excited to continue her passion for language education and multicultural communication.

Beatrice comes from Aarau in Switzerland. A fluent German, French and English speaker, Beatrice obtained a PhD in Biology at the University of Lausanne. A move to London—and the effortlessness with which her young ones learned a new language—triggered an interest in teaching English to children. It was from this conviction that Fun-tastic English Club Horgen came into being upon her return in 1997. At the time, this was a novel concept and Beatrice was its driving force. In 2003 Beatrice moved again, this time to Hong Kong. This allowed her the opportunity to take the CELTA course and become a certified English teacher. While in Hong Kong she worked at the Goethe Institute teaching German. Upon her return to Zürich in 2008, she enrolled in a course to teach German to adult learners (SVEB1) and rejoined the Fun-tastic team. Beatrice has been working at the Club ever since, serving as both manager and teacher. She enjoys teaching at all levels and very much continues to be the heart and soul of the Club.