Kids’ Club

  • Classes are small with between 3 and 8 children placed according to age and maturity. 
  • For younger children, the emphasis is on understanding, vocabulary building and gaining the confidence to express themselves correctly in English.
  • Although we do encourage the children to write, we do not teach the mechanics of writing since we do not wish to interfere with the writing curriculum of the public school. 
  • Children regularly get homework which reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. It helps if parents actively support this and make sure everyone comes to class with the necessary books.
  • During the last few years we have built up quite a library of graded readers to read at home. When the books are returned the children are encouraged to write critical book reviews.
  • In higher classes children prepare occasionally posters or presentations and are introduced in the art of debating.
  • As reward of all the hard work in class we also try to find time for popular games like spelling shark or word tennis.